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Breathe in, Breathe Out

Exhale. Then hold after exhale. Exhale. Then hold after exhale. This is one solution that helps bring us back into balance when we are feeling off center.   pracchardana-vidharanabhyam va pranasya – Yoga Sutra I.34 In order to come back into balance, one can take a long exhalation and hold after the breath.   Exhalation has quite a phenomenal effect on our physiology. Science has informed us that by consciously lengthening the rate at which we expel air, relative to…

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Five Indicators of Balance

Five Indicators of Balance - 1080HD from Josh Blatter on Vimeo.

On the inward path, there are a multitude of ways in which our human system informs us about what it is that we are experiencing. These markers can be viewed as qualities of the body, mind, breath, behavior and emotion. If we are going to use the Indian tradition of Yoga to assess right effort, this must be the model in which we revert back to.…

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