Tuesday Morning Meditation



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Tuesday Morning Meditation

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Meditation is the conscious placing of one’s attention onto a specific location or place. The location can be an external object such as a tree, mountain or a river. It can be something internal like affirmation, sensation, breath or emotion. Each object has a different impact. The only prerequisite for the object is that it is chosen by us. The method of how one brings the mind into such focus varies from tradition to tradition.

In the Tuesday morning meditations, we will employ a combination of techniques, including gentle movement and breath, to orient ourselves in the direction of that meditative state. Whether you are new to meditation or a long time practitioner, these Tuesday morning meditations are the perfect way to incorporate meditation into your daily routine

Details and Registration

Classes are held live online every Tuesday from 8:30am – 9:00am PST. All classes are recorded live and uploaded to, should you happen to miss. An invitation to join will be emailed to you 24 hours prior to the course with login credentials and necessary handouts. All you need to participate is a computer or phone, some quite space and 30 minutes.

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Single Class, One Month