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The Role of Mentor

The efficacy of Yoga is in the experience(s) that it creates. This is why the relationship between student and teacher is so important. We need to have an outside reference guide us so that we can begin to see our blind spots.

With one-to-one mentorship we will establish a daily personal practice to support your goals. The typical program encompasses a combination of Yoga postures, breathing and meditation. The practice will give a place for the teachings to land and open up conversation about the more subtle aspects of the Yoga tradition.


How it Works

The initial meeting (either in-person or virtual) will be based around establishing a goal for our time together. With a clear intention, the Yoga practice will be much more effective. Once we establish an objective, we will create a daily yoga program to support it.

In a follow up meeting we will discuss the program, the effectiveness of it and a further investigation of the Yoga tradition. Typically the first follow up is 1-2 weeks and then monthly (or as necessary).


One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.
C.G. Jung


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Session Type

In-Person (75 min.), Virtual (75 min.), Follow-Up (30min.)