Mr. Jones and the Cat

There once was a man named, Mr. Jones. But Mr. Jones was no ordinary man. He had this condition in which he though he was a rat. Every time that the cat would stroll into the room Mr. Jones would run for dear life and hide in the closet. This went on for many years until one day, Mrs. Jones decided that she must bring a stop to this nonsensical behavior. She made an appointment with the therapist and took Mr. Jones in for counseling.


Their appointment lasted 3 hours. By the end of the session, the therapist was able to convince Mr. Jones that he was a man and that he was not a rat. What took 3 hours, I do not know. With gratitude and sigh of relief, Mrs. Jones drove the two of them home.


Upon arriving at the house Mr. and Mrs. Jones walked into the kitchen to find their cat sprawled out on the counter. Mrs. Jones looked over to her husband. He began to tremble, his knees went weak and his skin turned pale. Mr. Jones let out a piercing squeal and then made a run for the closet. Mrs. Jones, feeling completely defeated, walked over to him in the closet and asked, “What are your doing in there? We just spend 3 hours with the therapist and you yourself said that you understand who you are.”


Mr. Jones replied, “I know!! I completely understand that I am a man and not a rat!! But I am not quite certain the cat knows it yet.”


The purpose of this story is that what we know intellectually is often not enough. We have to learn how to shift from thinking with our minds into thinking with our heart. This is the aim of the yoga tradition and learning to think from this place develops true knowledge. It is no coincidence that in all Eastern traditions, the word for the mind and the word for the heart are one in the same.


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