How to become a master painter

Some days you just have to let the universe do its job.
Unknown Author

What makes a painter a master?

Some would say that a master painter is one in which knows exactly where to lay down the brush strokes and has an eye for the aesthetic. What that definition fails to realize is that beauty alone is in the eyes of the beholder. What makes a painter a master, is that he or she knows when to stop painting. It is the master who knows just when to put down the brush and succumb completely to the canvas. Her or she understands exactly when to cease tireless effort and rest fully in the beauty that is bestowed in front of them. The master demonstrates trust, confidence and surrender in all forms of the word.


There is a lot to learn from an expert with a brush. We must take this lesson as model in developing the right attitude toward our lives. We need to understand when work is required. We also need to know when to stop and trust that what we have accomplished is absolutely perfect.

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