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Salutations to the Sun — July 22nd, 2018

SALUTATIONS TO THE SUN SUMMER YOGA + MEDITATION RETREAT Playa Grande, Costa Rica July 22nd – July 27th, 2018   Join the renowned yoga teachers, Josh Blatter and Cici Escobar for an end of Summer immersion into yoga, meditation and relaxation. Located in the majestic Playa Grande, Costa Rica at the Rip Jack Inn, we will spend 6 days and 5 nights in the luxuries of travel, yoga, ocean and outdoors. Each day will include daily yoga practices, meditation, local…

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Tuesday Morning Meditation

Tuesday Morning Meditation 8:30am – 9:00am PST Meditation is the conscious placing of one’s attention onto a specific location or place. The location can be an external object such as a tree, mountain or a river. It can be something internal like affirmation, sensation, breath or emotion. Each object has a different impact. The only prerequisite for the object is that it is chosen by us. The method of how one brings the mind into such focus varies from tradition…

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Introduction to Viniyoga

Introduction to Viniyoga Join Josh Blatter and dive into an exploration of Yoga as presented through the tradition T. Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar on Friday evenings this fall. Viniyoga is a style of Hatha Yoga that promotes the personalization of yoga practices to suit each individual yogi. It adapts the methods of yoga to ensure they are exactly what the yogi needs in mind, body and spirit. It is considered to be an authentic transmission of traditional yogic teachings and integrates…

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Hot Body, Cool Mind

Developing a Hot Body and Cool Mind There are two things that the yoga practice aims to bring into harmony; the sun and the moon. This is where we get the term, hatha yoga. The sun is the embodiment of our vitality and health. It is a vibrancy and pulse that creates radiance in our being. The moon is the embodiment of our mental calmness and serenity. It is the balancing force to the sun. My teacher often references this…

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The Yoga of Patanjali – An Intro to Meditation

The Yoga of Patanjali – an Introduction to Meditation The great Sage Patanjali of Ancient India is accredited with codifying the practice and technique of Yoga. The definition in which Patanjali uses when defining Yoga is the ability to direct the mind in a chosen direction. He uses the word yoga to describe what we call, meditation. Patanjali’s Yoga is, in fact, the Yoga of meditation. By following his guidelines, we can all bring ourselves into this space of peace…

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